Coastal Pure Water - Bottled Drinking Water

What is the difference?

1: Bottled Reverse Osmosis Water:
Coastal Pure Water - Bottled Drinking WaterThis is the hyper-filtration process that is put through.
It is filtered through a semi-permeable membrane that only allows the smallest molecules to pass through.
This type of water is 99% free of taste and health contaminants.
is one of the purest waters available.

2: Rainwater:
Most people think rainwater is clean.
However, it's often contaminated by dust, smog and pesticides in the air.

Then it falls onto your roof and gutters, becoming a porridge of dirt, rust, bird droppings, leaves and other debris.
Rainwater is widely considered to be potentially the most unhealthy water you can drink

3: Bottled Spring Water:
This is mostly untreated ground water that is pumped out of underground wells.
Most contain high levels of Salts, Chlorides, Magesium & other impurities.
The quality varies tremendously as quality control standards in the spring water industry are unknown.

4: Tap Water:
Tap water can contain impurities such as chlorine, rust, copper and lead.
Municipal authorities have little control of old pipework, in the ground and throughout houses.
These may contain old asbestos or copper pipes that could contaminate your drinking water!

Guarantee your body a healthy environment.
is the only practical and economical way you can be guaranteed that your drinking water is pure and free of chemicals, inorganic minerals, toxic heavy metals, bacteria and viruses is through this scientific breakthrough in membrane technology.


Coastal Pure Water Centre is the home of and is the only 100 % locally owned, bottled and produced reverse osmosis purified water in South-West Victoria.

It has been started and run by Jackie & Jamie Harry since the year 2000 and the business has grown to be country Victoria’s biggest independent outlet for Bottled Water, Water Dispensers, Water Coolers, Water Purifiers, Water Filtration, Pool and Spa Chemicals and equipment, Sterns Pools and Designer Spas.

Coastal Pure Water - Bottled Drinking Water

Free regular bottled water deliveries to Warrnambool, Portland, Port Fairy, Koroit, Hamilton, Terang, Camperdown, Cobden, Port Campbell, Timboon and Peterbough just to name a few towns .

“Taste the difference” and see how easy it is to drink those recommended 8 glasses of water a day and you will be surprised when the children and family start to drink Pure Water instead of cordials & soft drink!Coastal Pure Water - Bottled Drinking Water


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